What is product placement in social media channels?

Product placement is optimal for your advertising on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


Product placement is the number one form of advertising for influential and successful marketing.
It is also known as advertising integration.

Better than a commercial!

With product placement, your product or services are integrated into the video, post or tweet. As a result, the viewer does not find this kind of advertising disruptive.

Simply socialWith product placement, your products or services can be presented by our ReachHero's on the social media channels. Integrating advertising into the video content. Your product or services become a part of an exciting video, post or tweet!

Marketing toolProduct placement is already common in film and television productions. With influencers, product placement is now becoming a marketing tool with a significant impact and huge reach.

Not disruptiveLet's be honest, banner advertising is annoying! With product placement in videos, posts or tweets the advertisement is subliminal and is therefore not found to be disruptive by the viewer. Your product or services are an element of the video that the influencer shoots.

Examples of product placements in YouTube videos

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