Product placements in your YouTube-Videos, Instagram-Posts, Facebook-Posts, Twitter-Tweets

With product placements, you earn more from your channels

As an influencer you have full control of your social media channel.
You decide which product placements you want to host in your posts or videos.
This way you can live off your videos, tweets or posts sooner.

No contractAny influencer with more than 1,000 subscribers can take part in ReachHero. There is no catch! You retain all rights to your social media channel and can cancel your ReachHero account at any time.

Earn money easilyYou earn more by introducing product placements in your social media channel! You can live off your videos, tweets or posts sooner. And the best part - ReachHero is completely free for influencers!

Grow more quicklyWith additional income from product placements you can professionalise your social media channel more quickly and buy the equipment you really need.

That is how it works as a influencer

Pick out product placements

Once you have registered with ReachHero, you have a look through the product placements and get inspired by the products and services.

Get product placements

With Reachhero, you can send offers to the brand that have the product placements that you like. In your offer, say what kind of post, tweet or video you have in mind for the product placement and what kind of budget you require. Reachhero then lets you know which brand has accepted your offer!

Product placement finished and shares. Money received.

You receive the agreed budget once you have shared the finished product placement post, tweet or video with your subscribers. It is really that simple.
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