About ReachHero

ReachHero is Germany’s largest online marketplace for influencer marketing. Founded in Berlin in 2014 by Christian Chyzyk, Philipp John and Aaron Troschke, the start up connects influencers such as YouTubers, Instagrammers and Twitter stars with companies. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for both sides to cooperate in the form of product placement and other innovative advertising methods. These are just a few of the possible advertising formats:

  • Review
  • Mention
  • Haul
  • LookBook
  • Favourites
  • Tutorial

It’s free for companies to register and create their campaigns, and a commission is only due once an offer has been accepted by an influencer. This commission amounts to 20 per cent and is calculated according to the offer price. Influencers can use the platform completely free of charge.

Currently companies can choose from any of more than 4,500 influencers registered on the platform. Over 700 campaigns have already been successfully completed on the platform. ReachHero’s influencers gain a total of 1 billion views per month on youtube alone, with more than 550 million subscribers over all connected social media channels.

ReachHero’s customers include world-leading consumer goods manufacturers (e.g. cosmetics, electronics, food & drink and fashion), as well as rapidly growing e-commerce providers.

ReachHero was a member of the fifth round of Axel Springer’s Plug and Play Accelerator Programme.

The Team

Philipp John (COO) - Aaron Troschke (Head of Entertainment) - Christian Chyzyk (CEO + CTO)

The ReachHero Founders

Christian Chyzyk (CEO + CTO)
Aaron Troschke
(Head of Entertainment)
Philipp John (COO)

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