The Lexicon of Modern Marketing: The Most Important Concepts of Influencer Marketing Explained.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing means advertising where your customers and prospective customers are: online. Classic print marketing is the analogue opposite. "Digital marketing" includes search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, banner adverts, link building, influencer marketing…in short: everything an end customer or prospective customer reaches through digital systems.

Digital Sales

The name gives it away: A digital sale, and the purchase. Digital sales are often the goal of a well planned performance campaignb>. Digital products are given special emphasis and are purchased or downloaded. This primarily includes online advertising campaigns (search engine marketing), social media marketing and a targeted product placement.


During the digital advertising process, individual advertising activities are divided into campaigns. A classic example of this is product placement. Create a distinct advertising strategy for every service or every product you want to advertise. With this smart method you can assign each product and each service a clear measurability.

Branded Content

Within the larger concept of "Branded Content" you combine all communication content (podcasts, blogs, videos…), which provide your customers with maximal value, without appearing too promotional. In other words: advertising without the intention to sell. Marketing messages are more valuable than sales intentions. Branded content is therefore a strategy to connect potential customers to your company. The main aim is not to sell a product, but to increase customer loyalty. Successful "branded content" is based on the principles: customer loyalty, communication with customers and customer information. They tell stories, comment on things and take care of classic communication. Large brands are always seen to have a lively influence on our everyday life. This is possible thanks to branded content. Leave sales marketing behind and concentrate on customer loyalty. This includes customer magazines, solution-orientated blog articles, photo galleries and videos.


Have you heard the saying: "Contacts only harm those who don’t have them"? This is how to describe influencers. Influencers are people with a large reach who have specialised in a particular subject area. These people have a large fan base on social networks such as Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. Influencers are some of the top experts in their chosen fields. Furthermore they enjoy the sovereign status of "opinion leaders", "trend setters" und "trailblazers". Follow an influencer in a subject area that personally interests you and you’ll always be up to date.

Influencer Marketing

Bring together what belongs together: with suitable partners you earn more customers. Find people who are talking about you. Who are these people? Influencers. Influencers are disseminators and partners with a large reach for you and your business. With targeting marketing through these influential partners your business’ brand awareness will increase. Influencers ensure that you reach far more potential customers. Often these disseminators have a large fan base: social media, newsletter subscriptions or fans on YouTube. When a person with 50.000 daily followers talks about you, you profit from this reach. That’s targeted influencer marketing.

Performance Marketing

A modern word in keeping with the times. The concept of "performance" can be understood as a measurable action. This could be clicks, contacts, inquiries, newsletter subscriptions or channel subscribers. The goal of performance marketing is to lead to these exact actions or results. YouTube videos, Google AdWords und landing pages are all good performance marketing techniques. It’s always a completely measurable form of advertising which brings results.

Product Placement

You know the product placements that coincidentally make their way into critically-acclaimed films? A branded beer bottle here and a fast food takeaway bag there. These are classic product placements. In the digital age, product placements have experienced a revival, particularly in influencer marketing. Why not find a YouTuber with a large reach who’s talking about your product?