What is ReachHero?
ReachHero is an online marketplace for brands and influencers. Here, brands can find influencers to present their products on their social media channel (videos, tweets or posts).
How does ReachHero work?
Reachhero is a marketplace where brands can register for free. Brands can use the marketplace to find influencers to examine their videos as well as the demographic and geographical breakdown of their viewers. With just a few clicks of the mouse, brands can create campaigns to advertise products. There are different placement types to choose from. Then, only a name needs to be chosen for the campaign and the budget determined. Brands can describe what the campaign should include and when the placement should be completed by. Once the campaign has been created, influencers can apply with their offers. Brands can also contact the reachhero experts directly and create individual campaigns together.
How much does ReachHero cost?
The registration and creation of campaigns are free for brands. A commission fee will be payable when an offer from an influencer is accepted. This commission amounts to 20% and is calculated using the offer price of the influencer. For example, you accept an offer from an influencer for a product placement that amounts to 250 Euro. The commission then amounts to 50 Euro (20% of 250 Euro). This amount can be paid to Reachhero via bank transfer or PayPal.
What forms of advertising are offered at ReachHero?
Basically all types of advertising are possible in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube. Individual requests can be mentioned in your campaigns. The influencers will strive to make them.
What is a product placement?
There are many forms of product placement. In principle, it involves "the targeted presentation of market products in different media". At ReachHero we focus on the presentation of products in videos on the online video platform YouTube. There are different kinds of product placements, which are explained in the following. Review: an entire video in which YouTubers create a review of your product. They talk about their experiences with it and what is so great about it. A product is incorporated into the narrative of the video and deliberately emphasized. Reference: A reference to your product at the start, end or in the middle of the video. The YouTuber encourages his/her viewers to take a look at your product, buy it or use it. Haul: YouTubers proudly show your product that they recently got and communicate their experiences to the viewer, which is on the agenda. They also provide details on the product or the price. Look book: YouTubers present an outfit composed of clothes and accessories and show the viewers how it looks. In the process they reveal their latest fashion purchases and tell the viewers where they can buy them. Favorites: YouTubers present your product as a favorite out of several products. They tell the viewers why they love it and why it is their favourite. Tutorial: YouTubers demonstrate how your product is used, what it can do and why it is great. For example, app tutorials, How To's, Do It Yourself's or makeup tutorials.
What is a social influencer?
Social influencers are people who have a strong presence in social networks (for example, people who regularly upload videos to YouTube are called YouTubers). They enjoy a great repitation among their subscribers and fans and are therefore very attractive for product placements. They could be celebrities who have become famous through traditional channels and have also built a presence in social networks, or people who have become famous through the Internet and have therefore developes a relevant, marketable reach, but are still considered by fans to be friends and acquaintances and their opinion is therefore more trusted.
What is ReachHero?
Reachhero connects Influencers - like you - to brands that would like to advertise their products on their social media channel and offers you the opportunity to implement creative projects surrounding exciting products and earn extra money in the process.
How does ReachHero work?
It is so simple - you simply register with your social media channel, then take a look at the campaigns of your brands and apply to implement one with an offer. If the brand accept your offer, you just have to produce the post, tweet or video, upload it to the pending channel and then the money will be tranfered to you.
What do I need to register at ReachHero?
All you need is a social media channel with at least 1,000 subscribers.
What do I need to do to make sure my offers are accepted?
We cannot guarantee that your offers will be accepted. However, you can certainly increase your chances by only applying for campaigns that match the theme of your channel. It is a good idea to explain how you would like to advertise the product in as much detail as possible in your offer. Be creative!
What do I need to enable in order to use ReachHero?
You need to register at Reachhero with your social media channel or your Google account. Upon registration you must allow us to query your analytics (number of subscribers, views, videos, posts, demographics and geography of your channel). We need these so that we can present you attractively to our advertising partners to get you interesting product placements.
Does ReachHero cost me anything?
You can use Reachhero completely free of charge. We want to help you implement exciting projects and earn money in the process. You get exactly the amount that you agreed with the brand. There are no hidden costs. We are fully transparent.
What about the rights to my content? What about the rights to my channel?
Don't worry, your channel and content will still belong to only you!
What is the legal situation? What about surreptitious advertising?
In order to avoid the accusation of surreptitious advertising, ReachHero recommends that all videos supported by product placement are also marked as such. For the German Jurisdiction the “Landesmedienanstalten” have published a guideline to help you disclose band cooperations correctly: http://www.die-medienanstalten.de/fileadmin/Download/Publikationen/FAQ-Flyer_Werbung_Social_Media.pdf
Please keep in mind that for other countries different disclosure rules can apply and it is your duty to disclose correctly if you live in this country or have your main audience in this country.