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With ReachHero, brands can leverage impactful YouTube videos with a click
and therefore become better known by growing organically and going viral.
Start a campaign for free

A YouTube product placement campaign can be started from just 100 EUR per video. The YouTuber gets the budget defined by you and ReachHero gets 20% commission for the placement.
Get free offers from YouTubers

As a brand you receive offers and video ideas from YouTube stars that would like to promote your product. You can specifically select your YouTube star using channel reach, profiles and statistics.
See your products grow+

Whether a product reference or complete reviews - with ReachHero you get interesting videos that generate awareness for your product and captivate viewers.
It works step by step
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Create a campaign for free
Create a product placement campaign by selecting video types that you would like the YouTuber to produce. Perhaps a review, a reference or a tutorial on your product and you determine your video budget.
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You get free offers
YouTubers reply to your video requests with offers. For example, these offers include the video idea and how the YouTuber would like to present your product.
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Select a YouTuber
Each offer of a YouTuber that you receive includes precise information on the price for creating the video, the associated YouTube channel, reach, demographics and geography. You accept the offers that best present your product and represent the perfect target group for you.
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Chat with one another
Once you have accepted the offer of a YouTuber, a workspace is activated between the two of you. Here, you can chat with one another and clarify further details. This way you can be sure to get what you want.
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Video release without risk
You have to release the video before the YouTuber puts it on the YouTube channel. If you are not satisfied, you can communicate change requests to the YouTuber. You have full control.
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